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Beginning school might be quite an amazing task for your kids. Starting into a new system of school opportunities would definitely scare them a bit in the opening. Bhondawe Patil Public School is the Popular School in Waluj Aurangabad, But it is entirely the job of the progenitors and the teachers to help the kids in changing the school climate. It is always advisable to engage your children in different transition and adjustment activities before they go to English Medium School in Aurangabad.

In particular, several practical arrangements such as telling them about their new school, making their clothes, bags and lunch boxes would definitely make them look ahead to their school. As fathers, you require to recognize that school would be a large change for your child. Your support and a lot of support in the opening several weeks is what boy or she would ask for.

Visit The Bhondawe Patil Public School With Your Kid To Make Him Familiar With The Place

Before the first day of school, you need to take your kid to school so that he or she gets a bit easy with the situation. Make them visit the classrooms, playground, drinking, toilets and also let them know about the habits and customs of the school. This way the change from home to school surroundings would not be an immediate one for them.

However, if your kid is still fearful or slightly nervous about the whole thing, a development program managed by the school would be the best approach. Here the kids would get to know the basic rules and also the importance of the commands that they would require to succeed.

Encourage Your Kid To Calm Down Before His School Day

The opening day of school is an emotional day for both the fathers and the children. For most of the kids, it turns out to be the first time if they stay away from the convenience of their apartment for such a long time. That is why it fits really important for you to let your kid know about your emotions towards his or her first day to school. If you visit calm and confident everywhere the day, it would clearly help your kid to stay comfortable during the encounter.

Comfort Your Kid During The Starting Of  School

Be as supportive as you can through the first few weeks of pay school. Try to drop and pick up your kid from school so that he or she does not feel afraid. It is evident that kids would get a bit went up with all the thoughts and rules and systems but you need to manage it evenly.

Therefore, if you are ready to enroll your kid in school and the Convent School in Aurangabad, then you should have a lot at the Bhondawe Patil Public School is the Best CBSE Schools in Waluj Aurangabad, Which is bringing the Kota’s education pattern for the first time in Aurangabad.

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What Are The Advantages of Learning Abacus?

Bhondawe Patil Public School

If you’re considering to enroll your children for Abacus classes, then you must be informed of the advantages it produces. Besides the exciting development in the ability to calculate, both on the abacus and mentally, it is helpful in other fields too. Let’s write down a few of its advantages.

Improves Gross Motor Skills: As the device includes using hands and fingers for the beads to be passed around, it acts as a great brain simulator. This develops the brain’s execution and also affects the sense organs too.

Advances Calculation Skills: For many, the thought may seem like a task. if you study abacus, all kinds of calculations would just be a cakewalk. Abacus helps in developing these skills and makes one become fast at forecasts. This is one of the best benefits of the abacus. 

Bhondawe Patil Public School is the Best CBSE Schools in Waluj Aurangabad Maharashtra India, Which is bringing the Kota’s education pattern for the first time in Aurangabad.

Increases Concentration: Low concentration can be a barrier for life if not fixed at an early age. Abacus is recognized for its capacity to increase one’s attention and help concentrate better.

Develops Problem Solving Technique: Easy tasks like calculation or increase on the abacus improve the child s problem-solving ability. With training, one can master these skills and can enhance fast at it.

Develops Mind Power: Working on the abacus with the particles to be counted and identified helps in improving mind power. It also increases recognition power that becomes necessary in the long run.

Reduces Stress: Abacus can be a great burden sponsor and can help one problem all that extra stress. The simulation of the brain can calm down stress levels and help one grows stress-free within a few times of doing the abacus.

Enhances Visualization Skills: The ability to do mental math absolutely can be improved by the use of Abacus. This is one of the benefits of abacus learning that increases the ability to visualize the abacus to determine a calculation thus improving the visualization works.

Improves Fundamentals of Learning: Nowadays, kids learn more useful if the education is connected with an object that they could compare to. Moreover, when one uses the abacus they absorb the kind of reporting to it while doing any type of calculation. This establishes fundamentals and makes the organization of learning effectively.

About Bhondawe Patil Public School:  

Bhondawe Patil Public School can be considered as one of the Top Convent Medium School in Aurangabad, at our school one’s intellect is transformed into an illuminated reflection of knowledge and a broad outlook towards life. Admissions are the open academic year 2020-21

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Essential Tips for How to Choose a Preschool for Your Child – Bhondawe Patil Public School

Bhondawe Patil Public School is the Most skilled CBSE Schools in Waluj Aurangabad, Which is leading the Kota’s education pattern for the first time in Aurangabad.

Preschool education produces the optimal growth of kids during their initial years. Fathers and teachers assist in providing the best feasible environment for the increase and development of young kids.

How great is preschool?

The beginning years see fast growth and improvement. A child’s brain grows faster than ever during the first five years. A child is born with more than sufficient brain groups to be extremely propitious. More than 100 billion! But it’s not the number of brain cells that defines useful knowledge, it’s the number of joints that are made between those brain cells.

Any area can look high once. You require many appointments to get a feel for the school.

These relationships are determined by the experiences and ideas that you give to your child via a rich, enjoyable atmosphere in the early years. That atmosphere is made up of games, visits, discussions, experiences, projects and loving attention. These important and rich activities are completed by a group preschool.

What will my child learn in preschool?

Preschool provides kids with a lifetime of knowledge. In preschool, children are included in ideas in a fun, relaxed atmosphere. Kids see that education is inspiring and they want to learn more.

It gives them a jump-start to primary school. They produce some skills-pre-reading, pre-writing, pre-math, science and social. They also develop a knowledge of listening, following areas as a group, problem-solving skills, sharing and using turns. 

These are very essential for future progress in school. Kids in preschool learn an advance to learning itself. In other words, they learn how to learn. Depending on their preschool activities, they can come to view education as creative research, or as simple memorization.

How do I choose the right preschool?

Picking a preschool for your kid would want you to spend lots of time and power in making the right choice.

The following variables should be examined while picking a preschool.

  • Proximity to home
  • Methodology
  • Paths to discipline
  • Accreditation and licensing
  • Teacher – child ratio
  • Teacher skills, professional growth training, staff turnover
  • Facilities: Hygiene, space, facilities and non-toxic, child-friendly materials.
  • Security of building and play area
  • Environmental factors-safety of the neighborhood, traffic near the school,
  • Does your child have special needs? Can they be accommodated at this school?

How will I know about my child’s progress?

Most preschools have parent-teacher events wherein fathers get the chance to communicate with their child’s class coach and consider the child in depth.

About BPPS:  

Bhondawe Patil Public School can be considered as one of the Top English Medium School in Aurangabad, at our school one’s intellect is transformed into an illuminated reflection of knowledge and a broad outlook towards life. Admissions are the open academic year 2020-21.

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Advantages of Learning Abacus – Techniques of Bhondawe Patil Public School.

bhondawe patil public school

Bhondawe Patil Public School is the Best CBSE Schools in Waluj Aurangabad Maharashtra India, Which is bringing the Kota’s education pattern for the first time in Aurangabad.

We all need our children to be more prosperous than us and we all work hard near reaching that goal. We send them to the best schools and even reserve our most suitable for them. 

Early childhood is the most significant developing phase in terms of emotional, intelligent, environmental and social development. While some kids learn better for reading, some others learn better by watching. No kid is the same. While we all know by now that that human brain increase approaches its peak in early youth, it’s also identified that the ability to prepare to learn differs from kids. 

Do kids enjoy learning?  

The answer depends on who you ask. Some kids take to learning as a fish needs to water, some effort, but the truth is children require to study. And one of the best means to get them involved in learning is by abacus. 

We all understand what abacus is, having learned and used when we were youthful. If you are thinking of registering your kid for abacus sessions, then you must know the advantages it has on the overall improvement of kids. Special from developing the capacity to calculate, it is helpful in other towns too. 

Here are a few advantages to studying abacus. 

Develops Logical Judgment 

After a while when the child has grown excellent at using the abacus, his/her knowledge of the world turns. They now begin imagining from a logical view. They use logic for day-to-day situations. 

Mathematical Knowledge 

Although exciting when learned perfectly, most students study mathematics to be a tough subject. Learning abacus performs it easy for students to master mathematics beginning to a greater knowledge of the subject as well as growing skilled in all phases. 

Analytic Skills 

When kids solve mathematical queries through abacus, they develop their analytical skills. For eg, when kids use the abacus, they study to solve the same dilemma with different yet simple methods. This makes the child explain the practice of the right formula immediately and use that in determining the difficulty. With this, the child also starts to investigate real-life conditions. 

Memory Retention 

One of the most famous sections of the abacus is it assists in concept recognition. To solve a mathematical problem, a kid requires to master all the steps. With all the actions that a child practices to solve a problem using the abacus, he/she wants to know the steps and this helps them retain information both straight and obliquely. 

Improves Gross Motor Skills 

When the kid uses his/her hand to leave the beads of the abacus instrument around, their brain is getting excited. Abacus not only assists in developing brain performance but also resembles the distinct ways too. 

Decreases Anxiety 

Abacus is viewed as a great stress buster and is known to boost happiness. Abacus helps in exciting the brain which in turn can develop anxiety levels. 

Updates Learning Fundamentals 

Students remember better if education is made with the help of an object or image. For example, take the case of design or maps or plans, kids learn more from these purposes or images than textbooks. Furthermore, if kids need to use math, it should be prepared with the assistant of an apparatus—abacus in this case. 

About BPPS:  

Bhondawe Patil Public School can be considered as one of the Top CBSE Schools in Aurangabad, at our school one’s intellect is transformed into an illuminated reflection of knowledge and a broad outlook towards life. Admissions are the open academic year 2020-21.

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Why Choose CBSE Board For Your Child?

Bhondawe Patil Public School is one of the top English Medium School in Waluj Aurangabad, BPPS is the first Kota’s education provider school in the Aurangabad Maharashtra. One of the current problems encountered by Indian parents is choosing the board of education their child is continuing to be a part of. Recognizing the multitude of options and schools open around the country, it can be a tough choice to make.

There has ever been a discussion about CBSE vs State board, among teachers as well as fathers. Here, we will break down for you the advantages of the CBSE board and why you should recognize it for your kid.

1. Student engagement and ease of learning

CBSE curriculum and the textbooks are created in a way that students can easily follow the topics. There is also a list of topics and motions within sections to help scholars get a gist of what is being prepared.

2. Conceptual learning for students

CBSE board promotes conceptual learning between the kids, rather than just giving them mug up every line given in the textbooks. The quizzes and exams managed are also based on how much the scholar has learned and not on how much he/she understands by heart. Learning and knowing the ideas will help kids in the extended series.

3. Advantageous for higher education

For higher learning, no board encourages students as much as CBSE. The entrance examination for both medicine and engineering are based out of the CBSE program, and the problems are obtained from the materials included in NCERT textbooks. If your kids want to continue their higher education in elite schools like  IIT/NITs, CBSE is the board of opportunity for your kid.

4. Modernized curriculum

CBSE syllabus points to be more up-to-date and application-based related to the state board. With the growing technology and globalization, scholars need to stay updated and get the most advanced knowledge to strive and work in the 21st time.

5. Holistic improvement of your kid

CBSE the curriculum not only focuses on academic development but also aims to foster skills and personality development for your kid. With a presentation to a wide variety of projects and engagement, CBSE board strives to boost your child’s spirit and make them ready for learning behind the school.

Bhondawe Patil Public School, with CBSE curriculum, a team of well-qualified educators, and excellent support aims to give your children with holistic school experience and lead them on their drive towards progress.

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About BPPS: 

Bhondawe Patil Public School can be considered as one of the Top CBSE Schools in Aurangabad, at our school one’s intellect is transformed into an illuminated reflection of knowledge and a broad outlook towards life. Admissions are the open academic year 2020-21.

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Address: Gut No. 49, Bajajnagar, MIDC, Waluj, Aurangabad – 431136.

How Bhondawe Patil Public Schools Boost Student’s Creative.

The idea of creativity has survived in education for a while, but it is only now that educators, especially in Bhondawe Patil Public school are making solid aims to combine creativity into daily classroom purposes. Developing an environment of interest and creativity is something teachers can work on from the very opening of every school year. 

Doing so takes students into the manner of working in collaboration early on with each other to solve queries and appear at different resolutions.

Here are some tactics that are employed for creating a community of original and independent intellectuals and that the Top CBSE School in Aurangabad result:

Encourage voice and choice

This includes recognizing students to determine their tactics to make choices early on. Teachers normally ease into doing this by beginning with giving students less choice and constantly investing them more artistic freedom. Creating possibilities for students to work in collaboration on an action, taking their tactics collectively, and sharing their work is a good way to center on allowing student agency.

Increase the meaning of creativity

Creativity is more than only creating new tasks. It also needs problem-solving, analysis, ideation, and various thinking. When teachers use different creative designs, they expand the definition of creativity in the brains of students to a larger one while concurrently holding stock of the original ways students have been doing so great.

Make room for mistakes

Creativity cannot be improved without creative-risk taking and when there is productive risk-taking it is nearly always followed by changes and adjustments. Providing for errors and failures in the classroom teaches students the experience of ‘failing forward’, as each change is managed as a lot for learning, growing, and developing.

Include everyone

Every student carries with them a set of individual health and expertise. An identity of creative-thinkers decorations when everyone cooperates and offers to create something epic together, which may not have been welcome by working individually.

International schools that have put in use these tactics find success in being able to foster a spirit of inquiry and curiosity. This has also inspired a large amount of the top Convent School in Aurangabad to connect these tools of education to improve young talents into imaginative scholars.

About Bhondawe Patil Public School:

Bhondawe Patil Public School is the best English medium school in Aurangabad, BPPS has expert teachers to teach the student. BPPS is the first school providing Kota’s education in Waluj Aurangabad.

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Which Are Best CBSE School in Aurangabad Near Waluj?

Which are Best CBSE School in Aurangabad near Waluj?


There are many CBSE schools Waluj in Aurangabad which reflect the CBSE curriculum. CBSE being the education board administered by the government of India is the common trustable body, when it becomes to the format and character of education it has no opposition.

CBSE has been the most generally accepted and distinguished education program, and it allows all kinds of currents with a lot of various benefits. I would like to share about the Top English medium School in Aurangabad. Bhondawe Patil Public School is one of the Top CBSE School in Waluj Aurangabad, BPPS has an expert dynamic teacher to teach the student.

The crucial feature of Bhondawe Patil Public School:

  • Trained & Qualified Staff Teaching Skill & Teaching Method
  • Action Based Training
  • Digital interactive classrooms.
  • High educational achievements.
  • Counseling Group for Parents, Teachers, Students.
  • Well implemented, advance education technology system.

BPPS conducted the Sports program:

  • A large playground with sports facilities.
  • Indoor Games such as Chess, Table-tennis & Carom.
  • Large space and continuous sports such as Basketball Court, Volleyball, Football Court, Running
  • The track, Skating Track, Badminton, Archery.

About BPPS School:

Bhondawe Patil Public School can be recognized as one of the best Primary Schools in Aurangabad, at our school one’s intelligence is modified into a bright reflection of knowledge and a broad vision towards life. Admissions are open in a school for the academic year 2020-21.

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Each parent finds themselves in a dilemma in deciding the right educational system for their children in the Best CBSE School in Aurangabad. The choice of CBSE – Central Board of Secondary Education, International or State school education is important since it changes a student’s career and future; and can have existence effects.

How does CBSE offer equitable access to the educational enhancement of students?

Between 13 major provisions in India, CBSE is an acclaimed and appreciated board that is providing students for a brilliant future. Many schools beyond the country work under the parasol of CBSE. It is a student-centered and holistic learning platform that gives students for college life and past. It is also a globally recognized and trusted essential for entry into higher education.

The textbooks and the education of the CBSE Board adhere to the country-wide facing exams like JEE – Joint Entrance Exam, AIPMT – All-India Premedical Test, NEET – National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test and creates a strong foundation for students providing for such competitive exams.

The CBSE-offered complete and competent curriculum focuses on strengthening student’s ideas in Science and Mathematics subjects whereas CISCE – Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination, ICSE, and ISC focus on every subject, particularly English.

How does CBSE School Education give a great educational foundation for students?

At the CBSE School, the below-mentioned six major training operations improve the student’s depth and width of experience and knowledge.

  • Languages
  • Social Sciences
  • Mathematics & Technology
  • Science
  • Sports Education
  • Visual Arts and Performing Arts

About Bhondawe Patil Public School:-

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Contact No: 6232616161, 6232717171

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