Why Choose CBSE Board For Your Child?

Bhondawe Patil Public School is one of the top English Medium School in Waluj Aurangabad, BPPS is the first Kota’s education provider school in the Aurangabad Maharashtra. One of the current problems encountered by Indian parents is choosing the board of education their child is continuing to be a part of. Recognizing the multitude of options and schools open around the country, it can be a tough choice to make.

There has ever been a discussion about CBSE vs State board, among teachers as well as fathers. Here, we will break down for you the advantages of the CBSE board and why you should recognize it for your kid.

1. Student engagement and ease of learning

CBSE curriculum and the textbooks are created in a way that students can easily follow the topics. There is also a list of topics and motions within sections to help scholars get a gist of what is being prepared.

2. Conceptual learning for students

CBSE board promotes conceptual learning between the kids, rather than just giving them mug up every line given in the textbooks. The quizzes and exams managed are also based on how much the scholar has learned and not on how much he/she understands by heart. Learning and knowing the ideas will help kids in the extended series.

3. Advantageous for higher education

For higher learning, no board encourages students as much as CBSE. The entrance examination for both medicine and engineering are based out of the CBSE program, and the problems are obtained from the materials included in NCERT textbooks. If your kids want to continue their higher education in elite schools like  IIT/NITs, CBSE is the board of opportunity for your kid.

4. Modernized curriculum

CBSE syllabus points to be more up-to-date and application-based related to the state board. With the growing technology and globalization, scholars need to stay updated and get the most advanced knowledge to strive and work in the 21st time.

5. Holistic improvement of your kid

CBSE the curriculum not only focuses on academic development but also aims to foster skills and personality development for your kid. With a presentation to a wide variety of projects and engagement, CBSE board strives to boost your child’s spirit and make them ready for learning behind the school.

Bhondawe Patil Public School, with CBSE curriculum, a team of well-qualified educators, and excellent support aims to give your children with holistic school experience and lead them on their drive towards progress.

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About BPPS: 

Bhondawe Patil Public School can be considered as one of the Top CBSE Schools in Aurangabad, at our school one’s intellect is transformed into an illuminated reflection of knowledge and a broad outlook towards life. Admissions are the open academic year 2020-21.

Website link: http://bhondawepatilpublicschool.com

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/bhondawepatilschool1/

Email: bhondawepatilschool@gmail.com

Contact No: 6232616161, 6232717171

Address: Gut No. 49, Bajajnagar, MIDC, Waluj, Aurangabad – 431136.

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